North Carolina FC Falls To Indy 2-0

That was one frustrating game, wasn’t it? Colin Clarke decided not to take my advice (I know you’re reading this Colin) and went with a lineup that was pretty much full strength. The results left a lot to be desired though. Just looking at the stat sheet would make you think NCFC would have won this game, and they really should have.


(Wise words from the man who made his 100th start on Saturday)

Let’s just look at the stats. NCFC won the possession battle 57% to 42%. They won the duels 60% to 40%. They were more accurate with their passes with 79% of them being on target compared to Indy’s 75%. They even took more shots than Indy by a margin of 14-9. So what went wrong? Defensively the boys just weren’t there last night. Miscommunication between Brian Sylvestre and his back line plus a failure to clear the ball lead to one goal. Two more were the result of the back line being caught off guard and being so porous you couldn’t even call it a sieve. Thankfully one of those was called back due to an absolutely terrible offside call (Yet another example of the terrible officiating in the league). The other problem is the abysmal shot accuracy. 42% of shots taken were on target. Some of that low percentage is due to taking 14 shots in the game but that tells me that, while they’re being aggressive, they’re not choosing their spots well. Compare that to Indy’s almost clinical 6 out of 9 shots on target.

Historically this team just doesn’t do well on the road. They’ve only won twice on the road so far this year, and both of those came against bottom of the table Puerto Rico.



(Oh how the tables have turned)

Thankfully, the boys return to the friendly confines of WakeMed Soccer Park where they do much better. It’s a rematch so be there to show your support. These boys need it to make it to the playoffs. Also, don’t forget that it’s pride night on the 24th! Yet another reason to come out! (In what ever way you choose)


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