Jeff Skinner is Elite: Volume One

Note: This is the first in a series of posts that will prove that Jeff Skinner, unlike Joe Flacco, is an elite talent. All statistics derived from Corsica unless otherwise noted. 

Skinner is the best player on the Carolina Hurricanes; this fact is not debatable. However, a case can be made that he was a top-10 offensive player in the league during the 2016-17 campaign. Scoring 37 goals and 63 points; Skinner surpassed his career best in goals and tied his career high in points. He led the Hurricanes in scoring by a wide margin. Carolina’s second leading scorer, Sebastian Aho, tallied 49 points on the season. Fourteen behind Skinner. The 24-year-old was seventh in the league in goals scored and 32nd in total points. If you take a deeper dive into the stats— Jeff Skinner’s body of work is even more impressive.

At 1.38 even-strength goals per 60 minutes (G60), Skinner was tenth in this category among forwards playing at least 20 games. He put pucks in the net at a faster pace than many notable players such as Max Pacioretty, Patrik Laine, and Vladimir Tarasenko. Skinner scored 26 even strength goals, which is tied for second behind Auston Matthews. In regards to G60, the Corsica graph below shows just how impressive he was when compared to his peers.


Jeff Skinner has a knack for creating his own scoring chances (SCF). Over the course of the season, he accounted for 203 scoring chances which was seventh among forwards in the league. There are several reasons Skinner is so good in this aspect of the game. These include:

Setting up shop in the crease and cleaning up rebounds.


Fun Fact: Skinner was a figure skater growing up. Look it up. He uses his skating ability to create chances from nothing.




Throwing it at the net and seeing what happens. 


Mugging people.


This concludes Volume One.


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